Cyrano at the age of 3 years



Cyrano at the age of 10 weeks






HIP OFA Excellent #SS-17390E31M-PI
Thyroid : T4, T3, TGAA Négatif, (Hemolife  14/21/2011)
vWD Clear by parentage

EYES : PPMS (Iris to Iris)

Full Dentition

15 "

Born March 16th. 2008


Co-owned with Danielle Dautet









Great Grandparents

Great Great Grandparents

Can.Ch.Stonemills The Livin Daylights




BISS.BIS.Am Ch. Integra Indelible Ink of Merridon

Am.Ch.Merridon Coverwind Stockbroker

Am/Can. Ch. Cub Hill Steel Wheels. Rom/Romc

Glencory Keepsake O Lanbur

Oad Crest Heaven Sent

Am/ Ch. Tall Timber Tom Terrifie

Oak Crest Black Brat

BISS.BIS.BPIS.BPISS. Am/Can.Ch. Stonemills Livin on The Edge

Can. Ch. Bach Razors Edge .Romc

Am. Ch. Merridon Covewind Stockbroker

Bach The Temptress

Can. Ch. Stonemills Blue Belle

Can. Ch. Fairfax Falcon.Romc

Dreamhaven Blue Disney Magic

Can.Ch. Eldee Charisma



Sable & White

BISS.BIS.BPIS.Am/Can. Ch. Shelhaven Shalligy Safari

Am/Can. Ch. Cindahope Trademark

Am. Ch. Macdega Sausalito

BISS.Am. Ch. Cindahope Designer Jean

Can. Ch. Shelhaven Sunnyseas Symphonie

Am/Can. Ch. Krystalyn A Moment In Time

Can. Ch. Sunnyseas Interlude Shelhaven. CD

Can. Ch. Eldee True Image At Essa

Can. Ch. Laureate Maverick

BISS. Am/Can. Ch. Laureate Santana

Can. Ch. Laureate Espresso

Eldee Carbon Copyh

Am. Ch. Fiego This One's For You

Eldee Honour Me