December 2006


Merry Christmas



November 2006


November 30,


Marie-Pierre & Minnie and Lucie & Dune have finished their agility for this year at the Olympic Stadium last weekend November 25- 26. What a great year it has been. We are very proud of your achievements.  BRAVO!!

See the Performance page


October 2006


October 27th,


Congratulations to Catherine & Prunelle.

October 20th at the Mouvement Canin  Québécois.

Dobai's Prunelle de mes yeux, at only 6 months wins Winner Female , Best of Winners and Best of Opp. for a 4 pts under judge Sandy A. Gélinas.

Good work Catherine.

Prunelle is a daughter of Ch. Eldee D.J. Hollywood at Bakara.




August  2006


August 22th




Great news about Marie-Pierre & Minnie and Lucie & Dune.

This weekend at the 2006 AAC National Championship at the Swagard Stadium in Burnaby BC., emotions overflowed as Marie-Pierre & Minnie won TOP JUNIOR HANDLER IN CANADA. She also won TOP 10" AGILITY DOG IN CANADA with 556.20 points out of an entry of 26.

 As well, Lucie & Dune finished 7th in the 16" class, out of 56 entrys, Bravo Lucie.

These wins have taken many, many hours of practice and hard work on the agility field with their coach and mentor Christine Rediker.

Lucie and Marie-Pierre have demonstrated passionate devotion to their sport.

As the breeder of Minnie and Dune it is wonderful to see how much heart those little shelties  can give.








August 11th

Congratulations to Sue McCleverty and Sophie of Kneehi Shelties.

July 29th at the Limestone and District Kennel Club.

Kneehi's Eldee Just Push Ply wins WF, BOW for a 5 pts under judge Wendy Paquette.

Sophie is a daughter of Ch. Eldee D.J. Hollywood at Bakara.


July  2006

July 11th     


More great news of  Marie-Pierre & Minnie and Lucie & Dune, pictures of Dune.

                                            Dune                                                                                                         Minnie            ( Photos by Pitougraphie)



                       WOW WOW WOW WOW


July 8-9. Association Canine Charlevoisienne 

On Saturday morning Ch. Eldee  Duke of Earl ( Earl ) wins B of B.

Laureate Ambrosia wins WF, B of O. under judge Alan Bennett.

On Saturday afternoon Eldee Charisma ( Ashley ) WF, B of O. under judge Edgar Bajona.

On Sunday morning Earl wins B of B,  2nd in Group ,Best Puppy in Group under judge Michel Bouchard.



 Best Puppy in Show under judge Alan Bennett






Laureate Ambrosia wins WF, B of O under judge Michel Bouchard.

On Sunday afternoon Earl wins B of B and 4th in Group under judge Doug Windsor



June  2006


June 27th

More great news of  Marie-Pierre & Minnie and her mother Lucie & Dune at the AAC Regional Agility Championship  of Québec 2006. Both teams have qualified for the National in British Columbia.


June 25th

Association Canine de la Mauricie Inc. June 24th

New Champion Eldee Duke of Earl, (Earl) finished at the young age of 7 months, wins WM, B of W, BP and Best Puppy in Group, 3pts. Under judge Joan Beech.



Eldee Charisma (Ashley) 2 pts. wins WB under the same judge.


Photo by Paule Lebeuf


A very special day 

BISS.BIS.BPIS.Ch. Shelhaven Shalligy Safary with Group 1st.

his son New Ch. Eldee Duke of  Earl and his daughter Eldee Charisma.




June 22nd


News about Lucie Robertson and Eldee Vent Tropical, Dune at their first competition.

June 16

Please see the new results of Marie-Pierre and Minnie

 June 13

St-Francis Kennel and Obedience Club dog show held on the 10th and 11th of June.

New Champion Eldee Pomme Cannelle

Congratulations to the happy owners Monique Nadon and René Tardif.

Saturday morning  Eldee Pomme Cannelle (Pomme)  wins  WF and B of O and Eldee Duke of Earl (Earl) wins WM, B of W and Best Puppy for 3 pts under judge Tom Burke.

Saturday afternoon  Eldee Charisma (Ashley) wins WF and Best Puppy for 2 pts under judge Phyllis Wolfish

Sunday morning, as a Special,  Pomme wins B of O and Earl  wins WM, B of W and Best Puppy for 2pts. under judge George McMurray 

Sunday afternoon Pomme wins B of O and Earl wins WM, B of W and Best Puppy for 2pts under judge Gerona MacCuaig


   June 6

CSSA National Specialty held in Carp, Ontario.

Please see the results of Marie-Pierre and Minnie at the CSSA on the Agility page and her great week.

May 31

Puppy Sweepstakes

Eldee Duke of Earl placed 2nd in male puppy 6 to 9 months.

Eldee Vanilla Cream Pie placed 3rd in female puppy 6 to 9 months in a large class.

Eldee Charisma placed 3rd in female puppy 9 to 12  months in a large class.


Breeders Sweepstakes

Kneehi's Eldee Just Push Play placed 2nd in female puppy 9 to 12 months.


Veteran Sweepstakes.

Ch. Eldee Spirit In Disguise place 4th.


Thank you judge Rodney Oishi.


June 1st


CSSA National


Eldee Duke of Earl place 4th in male puppy 6 to 9 months.

Eldee Vanilla Cream Pie placed 3rd in female puppy 6 to 9 months in a large class.

Kneehi's Eldee Just Push Play placed 2nd in female puppy 6 to 9 months in a large class.

Congratulations Sue McCleverty and Sophie of Kneehi Shelties


Parade of Champions

Ch. Eldee  Dreamweaver At Essa, CGN (Willow) Co-owned with Dave Pettigrew.

Ch. Eldee Spirit In Disguise (Spirit)

It was a pleasure to see them in the ring again after so many years.


Thank you judge Denise C. Commelssen


Thank you Sue for sharing your camper with us for the week.

Thanks to Dave for coming along and helping us with all the dogs.

We had a lots of laughs and great food despite the thunderstorms, rain and heat.

Best of all, we are very pleased with our puppy's placements.





May  2006

May 19,

 News of Marie-Pierre and Minnie 

May 9,

In June we will have news of Lucie Robertson and Dune (Eldee Vent Tropical) at their first agility competition, Lucie is Marie-Pierre's mother, it will be great to see mother and daughter in the ring.

May 8,

 Bravo   Marie-Pierre and Minnie 

May 4,

News of my week at the American Shetland Sheepdog National Specialty, held April 26 to 29 at the Convention Center in Virginia Beach.

I want to sincerely thank Margaret & Rachel Pratt for allowing me to tag along with them and share a wonderful week. This was my second National and surely will not be my last.

On Wednesday Ashley was presented by Rachel in the 6 to 9 female sable & white class, thank you Rachel  for your expert presentation. In her class there were 23 shelties. The class was divided in two groups, Ashley made the cut in the second group, while she wasn't one of the final 4 winners I was really pleased with her. The important thing is that she had a lot of fun and enjoyed herself.

During the week I was able to meet long time breeders among them was Carol Howell of Jade Mist Shelties.

I really enjoyed seeing the quality of the young males coming along as well as the females. I noticed an improvement of fronts in the breed which was very encouraging.

Canadian breeders wear Big Winners at the National. Bravo to Laureate Shelties, Grandgables Shelties and Shelhaven Shelties for their exciting wins.

To see the complete results of all the winners go to and click on 2006 ASSA National.

Phil and I and some dogs will be going to the Canadian Shetland Sheepdog Ass. National Specialty form the 26 to 2 of June in Carp, Ontario.

I have come to realize it is extremely important to assist  these Nationals, US or Can, if you are serious about improving the breed and yourself as a dedicated breeder.


April 2006


News about Marie-Pierre and Minnie.

New pictures of Willow "Ch Eldee Dreamweaver At Essa"



March 2006

Pictures of Mya puppies at 15 weeks

February 2006

Here is great news about Marie-Pierre and Minnie.

February 11, Kneehi Eldee Just Push Play "Sophie" at her first sanction match

in Ottawa came 2nd in Group. Congratulations Sue McCleverty of Kneehi Shelties

Sophie is a daughter of Ch.Eldee Kneehi Esabella & Ch.Eldee D.J Hollywood At Bakara.

January 2006


Companion puppies available

A new page for Agility & Obedience performances.

We will have news of Marie Pierre and Minnie at their first agility competition at the Club Canin Chomedey on the 17-18-19 of February.


New pictures of Mya and Corey puppies.

 May the gifts of love and peace warm your

heart throughout the new year.