Year 2016



Eldee Shelties wishes you a 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2017





Eldee Zazi Digits Turn Me On. CDX, HIT, SDDA-A


Congratulation Pat & Zazi for this great year 


2016 has been a busy year with Miss Zazi adding four titles to her name.

CKC CD and CDX as well as the Sporting Detection Dog Association Starters

and Advanced Titles. She finished her CDX in fine style with the score 197.5

and High In Trial under respected judge Michelle Armitage.

I want to thank Loraine & Phil for the opportunity to share my life with this

amazing little girl. I am very blessed. Pat








Eldee's Zazi Digits Turn Me On.CD, SD-A

Owned by Pat Carpenter.

On september 14th. North Gower Dog Club.

Zazi passed her 2nd Open B class. Under judge Marie Joanne Cloutier.

One more and she will received the Title of CDX. 


On september 11th. All Dogs Sports Club in Manotick, Ont. 

Zazi passed her Advanced Exterior Search 

She is now. Eldee Digit's Turn Me On. CD, SD-A.




Eldee McCoy, received a new title  CKC Agility, AG.I.




Eldee's Zazi Digits Turn Me On.CD

Owned by Pat Carpenter.

Guides  Canins ( first Nose Trial in Québec )

August. 27th 

Zazi passed her Starter Container Search Completing her  SD -S Title

She also qualified in her Advanced Exterior Search.

Judge Norm Dressler.

Congratulations Pat and  Zazi.


TIKO (Thousand Island Kennel Club)

Sunday August 21st.

Open B class,  Score 191.5 ,Thrird place. Under judge Sharlene Manderson.




August 7th 2016


Société Canine du Québec. Ste-Foy. Rally-O


Eldee Shangha, Novice B, RI. Owned by Thérèse Gamache.


Thérèse and Shangha enter 2 competitions that day, morning

1st position, 99 points in 2m 8s.


1st position, 100 points in 2m 8s.

Under judge Pierre Lambert.


Shangha received the title of Intermediate Class 


Good luck Thérèse & Shangha for your Advance class.





Good new Chantal & McCoy received a new title AAC Agility, AADC. Congratulations to both of you.



Juin 25-26

Association Canine de la Mauricie.


Eldee Shangha, owned by Thérèse Gamache.

By  Am.Ch.Brandina Carmylie Double Digit.Romc & Ch. Eldee D.J Let The Music Play.

Juin 25th, Novice B. under judge Linda Le Houillier. Score 100.0%. first place

New title: Novice B

Juin 26st, Intermediate, under judge Linda Le Houillier.  Score 100.0% first place


June 11-12.

St-Francis Kennel Club.

Eldee McCoy, ADC,SGDC,AG-N.

Rally O


Novice A. Score 100.0% under judge Michelle Armetage

Novice A. Score 99.0% under judge Michelle Armitage

June 12

Novice A. Score 92.0% under judge Lucie Leduc Levasseur.

First place all 3 entrys New title Novice A








Eldee's Zazi Digits Turn Me On.CD

By  Am.Ch.Brandina Carmylie Double Digit.Romc & Ch. Eldee D.J Let The Music Play.

Owned by Pat Carpenter.


A new CD title... May 29th 2016 at the Mountain City Obedience Club under judge 

Edward Leslie, Novice B class, first place, with a score of 196.

Zazi  also won trophy for the Highest Scoring Sheltie for Trial 214. She finished this title 

ine fine style.



Eldee's Zazi Digits Turn Me On.

By  Am.Ch.Brandina Carmylie Double Digit.Romc & Ch. Eldee D.J Let The Music Play.

Owned by Pat Carpenter.


Doberman Pinscher Club du Grand Montréal. May 14th in Novice B Zazi, first time in the ring qualified for her first Novice Leg, Score 192, 2nd place under Judge Pierre Lambert. She also won the Change of Pace Prize for highest scoring Change of Pace student.

May 15th she qualified again, 190.5 first place under Judge Pierre Lambert.

Pat was pleased and proud of her little girl. Congratulations to both of you.









MBPI.Ch. Eldee Désert Du Wadi Rum.

Wadi's OFA Hips = Excellent.  Thyroid = Normal








December 20th 2005 - February 17 2016


AG.M.Ch.Eldee Vent Tropical

  AAC Lifetime Achievement


Dam. Ch.Eldee True Image At Essa

Sire. Ukc/Can.Ch. Shelhaven R'Hill Panoramic


Owned by

Lucie Robertson


Our condolences to Lucie, Marie-Pierre & Alain.

Click on Dune's name and you will follow 8 years of Dune & Lucie's great moments. RIP Dune.






Club d'agilité de Montréal

 A very nice weekend and a good start for the new year for Manzan & Zeldee 

Eldee Zelda The Legend ADC.SGDC. Advanced Gamblers

Eldee Manzana Luck Charm. Starter Gambers


Benny is arriving on Saturday. Looking forward to having this beautiful boy till March.

Thank you to Liz and Joe Daoust of Weeacres perm reg.  


Ch. Weeacres Twentyone Gun Salute

We would  like  to express our thanks and appreciation to Liz and Joe Daoust of Weeacres perm reg.  

for letting Benny (Ch. Weeacres Twentyone Gun Salute)  be a part of our plans for our next generation.  

 He will be with us at Eldee and available to approved bitches through out the first months of 2016.  

Benny has all testing complete and is producing pretty puppies with amazing tempraments that love 

to do everything.  A tricolor that is bifactored and beautiful.

 Inquire to see how he might fit in with your breeding plans.



Our shelties are fed with 5 Stars Natural Food

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