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Bronze on the Individual Gamblers

Canada team that took the Bronze



Vidéos of Marie-Pierre et Minnie at the

World Team. WAC in Belgium 2008 .




Eldee Liberty Spirit "Minnie" 


Marie-Pierre St-Louis



Canadian Champion l0" Regular Division,2009

Canadian Champion Junior Handler 2009





Canadian Champion l0" Regular Division,2008

Canadian Champion Junior Handler 2008



Canadian Champion 2nd place  Regular 10" Division 2007

Canadian Champion Junior Handler 2007




Canadian Champion l0" Regular Division,2006

Canadian Champion Junior Handler 2006




Titles of the AAC (Agility Association of Canada)

ChAC Bronze

















Titles of the CKC (Canadien Kennel Club)




Dam Ch.Eldee True Spirit At Essa

Sire Am.Can.Ch.Krentel Aberdale Silversmith.Romc





Year 2006

Year 2007

 Year 2008




September 26

AAC authorized competition held by Club d'Agilité de Montréal.


Four Expert Standard

On Challenge



September 19-20

CKC authorized competition held by Club Canin Chomeday, in Laval Québec


Two Standards Excellant-B

Two Jumper with Weaves


Minnie received the title of AGMX To have achieve 10 Standards Excellant-B



September 12-13

CKC authorized competition held by Club d'Agilité St-Lazare, St-Lazare Québec.


Tree Standards Excellant-B

One Jumper with Weaves



September 5-6

AAC authorized competition held by Guides Canins in St-Lazare Québec.


One Expert Standard

One Expert Jumper


August 15-16

AAC authorized competition held by Hiltop K-9 Agility in Wiliamstown, Ontario.


One Steplechase





Agility, July 30th to August 2nd.

2009 National Agility Association of Canada

Nepean National Equestrian Park, Ottawa


Friday the 30th. Two Steeplechase.

2nd,  69.98 points



Grand total for the National in the 10" divisions.

1st , 594.68 points with an entry of 26 dogs.


Marie-Pierre won TOP JUNIOR HANDLER IN CANADA for the 4th year in a row. 



July 25-26

AAC authorized competition held by The Agility Connection in Kingston, Ontario.


Two  Expert Standards

One  Expert Jumper

One  Expert Gambler


July 18-19

AC authorized competition held by Toutou Concept Enr.


One Expert Standard



June 19-20-21 

Provincial Championship in Saint-Joseph de Beauce.Québec


Marie-Pierre & Minnie had an extraordinary weekend.

Standard #1 / 2nd place

Standard #2 / 1st place

Jumper #1 / 2nd place

Jumper #2 / 4th place

Gambler #1 / 2nd place

Gambler #2 / 1st place


A total of 603.77 points for the highest score of the competition.

Marie-Pierre & Minnie worked in perfect harmony and were a real pleasure to watch.



June 13-14


AAC authorized competition held by ADSC & OVBC in North Gower, Ontario.


One Expert Standard

Two Expert Jumper

One Expert Gambler


Marie-Pierre & Minnie also received the title of GOLD.

To received GOLD you need to have 50 Expert Standard & 100 Expert Jumper.





March 7-8 2009

AAC authorized competition held by Guides Canin Saint Lazare.


Five Master Standards

One Master Gambler

One Master Jumper


Marie-Pierre & Minnie need on Game to received Gold.

To have achieve Gold  50 standards and 100 Games



February 20-21-22

AAC authorized competition held by Club Canin Chomedey


Fort Standard Master

One Snooker Master  + Ex S Bronze

Two Gambler Master  +Ex G Silver