Ch. Sovereign Glory Bound  


Ch.Sovereign Ring's Legacy & Ch.Sovereing Flaming Glory

Ch. Chicwin's Sweet Honesty


~ Honour ~

Sovereign Living Legend & Ch. Chicwins's Promised Victory

Ch. Eldee Little Sawdust



Ch.Kismit's Royal Sovereing & Ch.Sovereign Glory Bound

Ch. Eldee Charly's Angle




Ch. Kismit's Royal Sovereign & Ch. Sovereign Glory Bound



BPIG. Ch. Kimara Dream Chaser At Eldee




Ch.Micky Likes It At Weeacres.Rom-C & Kimara Tiffay



Eldee's Glory's Soft Glow



16 janvier 1988 au 24 novembre 2003


Ch. Regency Top Billing & Eldee Bound For Glory

Thanks for the joy you brought us.

Ch. Eldee Autumn Glory 


~ Jeanny ~

Mai 23 1990 au 5 Juillet 2004


Ch. Micky Likes It At Weeacres & Eldee's Glory' Soft Glow

It is always hard to say good-bye to such a wonderful friend


Eldee Gold'N Ivory 


~ Panda ~

September 5 1991 to January 14 2005


Panda at 13 1/2 years

Ch.Weeacres Glenmorris Highwayman X Sovereign  Ebony And Ivory