New Champion



At the Club Canin de l'Estrie. April 20-21/2007

Luna on Friday, under judge Richard Paquette, WF, Best of Winners 4 pts.

Saturday, under judge Wendy Paquette WF, Best of Winners 5 pts.


Luna at  8 months

Luna at 10 weeks



Ch.Cory's Angel's Child & Palissades Grandgables Plum

Thanks to Sylvie Houde for the opportunity of owning this lovely

little girl. She has a gorgeous blue color and a sweet temperment.

We have high hopes for her.




                                                                               Weeacres Running Hot
                                                                      Cory Mulder Kindred Spirit.CD
                                                                                     Weeacres Devil Witha Bludresson
                                                   Cory Thorgal The Hot Surviver
                                                                                     Can. Ch. Micky Likes It At Weeacres.Romc
                                                                       Can.Ch. Weeacres Whitney Bi Cory
                                                                                     Can. Ch. Glenmorris Jewel Of The Nile
                                   Can. Ch. Cory's Angel's Child
                                                                                      Am/Can. Ch. Dundee Famous Amos
                                                                       Am.Ch. Dundee Amos Moses. Rom, Romc
                                                                                      Fiego Star Of Africa
                                                     Weeacres Devil Witha Bludresson
                                                                                      Banchory Silver Edition
                                                                       Can. Ch. Weeacres You Light My Fire
                                                                                      Can. Ch. Weeacres Charming Belle

              Ch.  Eldee Out Of The Blue

                                                                                     Am/Can. Ch. Glademist Dueling Banjos.Rom
                                                                        Am. Ch. Jade Mist Beyond Tradition.Rom.Romc
                                                                                     Jade Mist Social Climber
                                                     BIS.BISS.Am/Can/Aust.Gr.Ch. Enclave Jade Mist Tapestry
                                                                                     Westwind Masterpiece
                                                                        Tapestry Harvest Treasure
                                                                                     Cataway-Babajan Hot Sum'r Nite
                                     Palisades Grandgables Plume
                                                                                     Can. Ch. Carmylie Palisades Play Bi Ear, CD
                                                                        Palisades Play By Play
                                                                                     Wyndlor Chantilly Lace
                                                     Palisades Crystal Clear
                                                                                     Can. Ch. Carmylie Palisades Play Bi Ear, CD
                                                                         Palisades Bi For A Song
                                                                                     Sanchar Serendipity